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Tree of Awakening Your Positivity - to manage day-to-day (Bill Yeates)

Bill says, "I needed something structured to incorporate changes into my own life, with the hope I will be able to retain my independence longer thereby improving my quality of life as this disease progresses. 

From my experience, each of the four aspects of self (body, heart, mind, and soul) are interconnected and exert a synergetic relationship with each other. I believe, it is only when the four aspects are nourished by their own individual leaves (Leaves of Positivity) that you can reset your body to create a balanced harmonious environment that will help you manage and fight this disease as it progresses.

In most cases, the ‘Leaves of Positivity’ that I have chosen in my tree are representative of a range of actions, strategies and interventions that I have assigned to each of the four aspects. 

Whenever I have encountered difficulties and thoughts of giving up have surfaced, the advice from a past student, Alison, echoes in my mind – ‘Just keep swimming’. For me this is the most important leaf in my tree.

Until a cure is discovered the endpoint of the disease will still be the same but at least you can have the possibility of extending your life expectancy and living a better quality of life.